finally a sunny farm day!

Today was the first real sunny day we’ve had while working! It was so lovely out I was in a t shirt all afternoon. We’ve been seeding in the greenhouse like mad because things are already behind due to the crappy weather. Today we planted so many seeds that we ran out of trays, so we had to stop. Most of what we planted today were melons & squash. The other seedlings in the greenhouse that were planted already have really enjoyed the sun too – they’re growing fast now.We’re hoping to transplant some of them in the next week to make more space in the greenhouse, and to get the CSA garden going.

We also weeded the asparagus patch today. I’m excited that there’s asparagus here because it’s delicious, and also it’s one of the only perennial vegetables we grow here; it doesn’t have to be planted every year, because it keeps growing back on its own. The asparagus here is 3 years old, which means this is its first year producing any actual asparagus spears! It’s worth the wait for something so tasty. While weeding the asparagus patch we also unearthed a few stray potatoes from previous years. I found a purple one which I plan on eating later.

Earlier this week I got to drive the red tractor around with the wagon in tow! We had washed a bunch of wooden crates and had to move them into the root cellar where they’ll be stored until we have veg to put in them. I have never towed anything behind a vehicle before, so it was an interesting experience trying to reverse and straighten out the wagon, but no major catastrophes occurred and after one go at reversing it was pretty easy.

Yesterday was a cold and wet day, and I spent much of it out in the fields with 2 of the other interns marking out the beds with some flags. We saw a killdeer which must have had a nest nearby, because she followed us as we took the tape measures along the edges of the beds, and put on a show of having a hurt wing. This is how the birds distract predators from eating their eggs – by pretending their wing is hurt they draw predators to themselves instead of the nest, and then fly away smugly. How clever. Here is a picture of one that I did not take.

I’m told we have a patch of forest filled with thousands(!) of daffodils, which I plan on exploring in the next few days if it stays nice out. The more I find out about the property the more there is to see. There have been some great sunsets here too.

I’m off to make dinner now. Working outside makes me hungry! More pictures & updates to come soon.


About tino

I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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  1. Hi Darling, thanks for a beautiful Mother’s Day afternoon. Really enjoyed our walk and the sunshine. Your room is cozy and bright! I’ve put my flowers on the front porch…very sweet. Love You xo

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