willow dome

Another cloudy day done. It wasn’t terrible out today, but it didn’t matter for me because I spent almost all of it in the workshop building a cart! We have a rickety old cart that we use mostly for taking the seedlings out of the greenhouse and down the road to the fields when we’re going to plant them. The old cart’s handle broke recently and it’s been looking like it’ll break any day, so one of the volunteers – a former intern & someone I know from U of G days – designed a new one and we put it together today. It’s been a while since I used a drill so much, or a saw. I got away with a nick from the hand saw but am otherwise unscathed. I’ll try to take a picture of the cart in all its awesomeness to post soon.

We had some high school students helping us out this week as well. A group from Arizona came up on a trip so they helped us plant potatoes yesterday. It was alot quicker with an extra 15 people or so, and we got all the potatoes done. The kids were great and some were hilarious. Their teachers were also pretty entertaining. In addition to visiting groups, we have a grade 10 class doing a specialized program where they spend the semester in a classroom on our property and twice a week help with farm work. All these kids chose to sign up for the program. They get 4 credits like they would for a regular semester – pretty cool.

On Monday afternoon Zafer came to visit! Fortunately the rain held off for most of the afternoon so we biked around the farm. We found the willow dome, which I’ve been wanting to see for a while. It is exactly how it sounds – a dome made of living willow trees all woven together. So so cool! Although it’s pretty small I got dizzy inside it and became totally disoriented, thinking it had 2 entrances instead of 1. There is some weirdly cool energy there and I definitely want to spend more time out there. There are also tons of raspberry bushes along the path!

Behold the willow dome in all its glory! (and zafer in his)

the entrance way


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I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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