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I’ve been noticing things around me lately that make me feel really lucky to be here. There’s something so satisfying about spending hours transplanting seedlings in the hot sun with swallows flying erratically above you, making noises that sound like a running stream. Even at the end of a long hot day, I see the path in front of me and get a burst of energy – I can’t help but run along it. The sound of the young willow trees clacking trunks with each other, the silvery underside of their leaves gleaming in the breeze, drowns out any noise from the city and seems to clear the air. After a weekend away from the greenhouse I notice how fast the tiny plants have grown in those two days. I have heard that being in a natural setting eases stress and I think it must, because working outside has always been so fulfilling compared to most other jobs I’ve done.

This week because it was so warm everyday we got alot of planting done. We’re pretty caught up now with transplants and the greenhouse is slowly emptying out. I got a visit from Dad last weekend, fixed a flat tire on my bike and had friends visit during the week. The more time I spend relaxing after work with the other interns, the more glad I am for ending up with this group.

Kailea on the power hoe – this little contraption is pretty nifty. It does similar things as a tractor but its small size makes it more versatile and it has various attachments for things like digging beds, weeding, direct seeding and cultivating.

On Wednesday Lorne, one of the head farmers, gave us a wagon tour of some edges of the property we don’t frequent very much. We saw many of the field crops (mostly grains) plus a hermitage, and we stopped by the ever-cool willow dome.

And the awesome sunsets continue.


About tino

I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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