goodbye farmhouse

Friday was the last day for us full-season interns. This weekend was a drawn-out goodbye to our beloved farmhouse and the folks who still remain there for a short while, before it gets closed up for the winter.

Our last weeks interning have been a bit more laid back; after some hard frost earlier on we no longer had greens to harvest, which meant alot less work and alot less time constraints. We pulled our very last carrot out of the ground and got the remaining fall & winter crops ready for the root cellar, where they will await the winter share pickups over the next few months (how awesome is it that farms offer winter shares? It can be hard to get local/organic/whatever produce in the winter months, so this is a treat!)

frosty fields

frozen tomatoes

the last carrot! a bit anticlimactic, it was a small one, but a good one

Our last field trip for the season was to the Living Centre, a permaculture and “eco-spirituality” centre. This was an interesting one for many reasons – permaculture is something I want to learn more about, and there is something comforting and familiar about woodstove-heated structures surrounded by earthship-design greenhouses! (not to mention the composting toilets)

touring the permaculture veg garden. viewed from above it would be circular

the greenhouse. inside grow figs and tomatoes through the winter; the bags surrounding it are full of leaves to provide extra insulation

We had our end of season potluck recently as well. It was good spending some time with our CSA members and visiting with some of our volunteers and working share members who have helped us so much in the fields. A contra dancing band and caller came from Toronto as well, which made for many hilarious moments.

Since harvesting has finished, we spent some time on crop planning and budgeting workshops during our last 2 weeks. I’ll be more involved with this (and other stuff!) over the winter as I’m working at the farm, which I’m looking forward to! Winter share, here we come.

crop planning with mike…lots of caffeine that morning

Break time – how many farmers can fit in a maple tree? the answer is…lots (we eventually fit 8!)

I’m back in town now, in my old house again with my dear roommates. After the past 6 1/2 months away I feel like a different person. Living close to nature, having so much of it around me, and being able to spend most of my time outside has been healing and relaxing. Now the challenge becomes figuring out how to live similarly in town, how to maintain that low stress level and build some more strong relationships (and maybe learn how to install a wood stove, haha!) The internship is over but I’m going to keep the blog going over the winter, as I’m sure it will bring more, different opportunities and experiences at the farm.


About tino

I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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