isn’t much it is i need

Has anyone looked outside lately? THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER! No more do I have to make the trek home from the bus stop after work in the dark, or get out of bed before the sun comes up…spring is coming!

You also probably noticed that it looks/feels like November outside. Actually, maybe not because November is cold & rainy (guns n roses anyone?), so maybe more like late March. Yesterday I was working in the greenhouse and it was so warm in there that after shedding my coat & sweater I was still too hot in pants & a t-shirt. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll even get a winter before spring arrives.

Black walnuts that the red squirrel has stashed in the greenhouse…although it’s so warm this is probably not necessary!

This beautiful thing is a shamrock squash

Speaking of spring: it’s been on my mind for a while now what to do with myself once the weather gets (slightly) warmer again. After realizing late in my internship that I want to keep farming, and potentially make a living from it, I was sort of at a loss about what I should do next. Part of me wanted to surge head-on into some kind of business endeavour, although I didn’t quite feel prepared for that. I looked into farm planning courses (which I’ll probably do in the near future), thought about doing a second internship and shouldering more responsibility, and trying to find paid employment at a farm where I could also hone my skills and learn some new ones. All of these seemed relatively feasible, but also really scary (going from an intern with little farm experience, to starting up an incubator situation? big step! not to mention doing it alone.)

Long story short: I decided that I still have lots to learn about, and I don’t want to commit to something longer-term until I’ve tried out a few different things in the farm world. Last spring I made a list of what I wanted to learn about. It was longer than I’d expected. I was definitely able to cross some of those off after this year, but there are still a diverse number of things I want to do. (another factor in my decision not to intern: finding a farm that’s doing all these things was impossible!)

Even longer story short: this spring I’ll embark on a WWOOFing adventure! Combine visits to a multitude of farms with years of me saying “I’ll travel next year! road trip across the country!” but never making it happen, and you get this: EDUCATION + VACATION! how exciting!

Things on my list for learning:

– permaculture
– natural building
– growing grains
– growing legumes
– growing mushrooms
– growing fruit
– growing nuts
– learning more about farms as businesses

Mushrooms at Bruno’s table at the organic conference

Various natural building materials, at a table at the conference. (straw, adobe tile, slip straw, something I can’t remember, more adobe etc)

Perks of doing it this way:

– I can travel around to wherever I want!
– I can finally visit friends who live in other provinces!
– I can meet lots of cool folks with similar interests!
– I can break away from the student lifestyle I’ve been stuck in for so long!
– I can do it for CHEAP!

More to follow on this…in the meantime, the natural building materials led to this playing on a loop in my brain for the last while.


About tino

I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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