putting things in motion

here’s a quick one about trip planning!

First 4 hosts have confirmed dates. Things are coming together well so far. These first 4 are on Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island and Gabriola Island.

In trying to sort out my transportation needs, I thought about whether I could borrow a bike from someone for my time around Vancouver Island and use that in conjunction with buses (which have bike racks) to get around from place to place. I didn’t want to end up on highways or high-traffic roads though, especially since I’ll have a large pack with me (I’m thinking a rear bike rack will be essential). I did some searching around on the internet, and lo and behold, came across this:

The red line is a trail called the Rotary Route. It is a marked and maintained cycling trail that travels from Victoria to Nanaimo. The yellow line is the Galloping Goose trail, which is a similar setup and part of the Trans Canada Trail. Between these two, I can get to just about every farm and ferry terminal I need to by bicycle without risking long rides on busy roads. Who would have thought this place would be so cycling-friendly?!  There is also the Lochside Trail, which travels south from near Sidney to Victoria.

So, this is a convenient and exciting discovery. After checking out the distance between host farms it seems feasible to use this as a traveling route since the trails are rated ‘easy’ and you can cycle the entire Rotary Route in a weekend (but I won’t ever need to go that far in one trip to get from place to place.) I think this will be a great way to take things in, instead of riding buses all over the place (although it’s good to have the option) as most of this route travels along the coast and there are some interesting towns and places to stop along the way.

Now I’m working on finding trails that will take me from Nanaimo to Qualicum Beach, which will be my last farm location before leaving the island. In the meantime I’ll have to have some chats with my dad about long-distance cycling tours, since he’s become the expert in the family over the last couple years. More planning is in the works.

As for right now, the farm is on the verge of spring! Or at least it feels that way, since we’re starting the spring tasks now. On Friday I sorted and put away the final seed order, then reached out all the leek, onion and celery seeds for pre-germ. Then I mixed together the soil that’s used in the seeding trays and filled a few of them to prepare for the seeding of those veggies this week(!) There will also be some apple tree pruning in the near future. Before long things will be growing in the greenhouse again.

Check out this year-long time lapse video from Banff!


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I'm an aspiring organic farmer living in canada. I talk about farm life, things I'm learning, other relevant topics like feminism, social & environmental justice, nature, animals, vegan food, and fun.

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