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no joke.

It’s been a while that I wanted to write about a gruesome topic that came up a few months ago. I still don’t know exactly how to word this post, but I want to do a bit of justice to the events by talking about them here.

You may have heard a while back that (brace yourself) the heads of six dead cats were found around Stouffville, an area north of Toronto. I remember hearing about it last fall and being grossed out and angered. This article covers the details from the time when the heads were discovered. The article includes two video interviews, and states that investigations are underway by police and SPCA officials. Whether or not you feel comfortable about police involvement, I think we can all agree that it’s important for something to be done.

I know this is an awful thing to think about, but bear with me. It’s possible that coyotes are the culprits, though the very public location of the heads seems suspicious and the investigators don’t think that is the case. Whether it was coyotes or humans, you probably feel some sense of justice knowing that a search is happening to try and find the person(s) who did this. You may feel glad that it’s getting media attention, enough to be on national news. You probably empathize with the cats and feel they deserve justice. I feel that way, too. When disgusting things like this happen at the hands of humans, investigations are important so that future acts can be prevented, and reported on so that more people can become aware of what’s happening and to let perpetrators know that they’re not getting off easy.

Now, I want to tell a related story. I’ll admit that this is not something I witnessed myself, but it was told to me by friends, neither of whom are affiliated with any animal protection organizations.

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wwoof wwoof

Hello again from CEI! Things are moving right along around here. Since my last post, I’ve worked on some more cool stuff, and we also had another wwoofer here for the past week and a half. His name is Fernando (consequently, I’ve had Abba stuck in my head for 2 weeks). He’s here from Chile, where he works as a mechanical engineer, but is spending time in Canada hoping to learn about permaculture and renewable energy. We’ve had some good talks about things like fossil fuel reduction, access to education, and of course, food. It’s really amazing to meet someone from so far away who’s on the same page as many of us in Canada when it comes to changing our lifestyles. It’s a good reminder that while many of us struggle individually to feel like we’re making a difference, we’re definitely not alone in our struggles. It’s been nice to have another wwoofer around, and since Fernando mainly speaks Spanish we’ve all been learning some new words (I learned a rhyme about snails!)

Fernando mixing some plaster

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